Kunst ist dazu da, den Staub des Alltags von der Seele zu waschen. ~Pablo Picasso

"Git your guns and fall in two ranks on that sod, there, at once," commanded Si, in quick, curt accents.Mit einem breiten Spektrum an Aktivitten will derKunstvereinHockenheimBegeisterung fr Kunst wecken, bei jung und alt.

"I can't go over," persisted Groundhog. "I ain't no fool. I know better what kin be done with an army wagon and six mules than any Injianny galoot that ever wore stripes or shoulder-straps. You simply can't git a wagon acrost that branch, and I ain't goin' to try."Die neuesten Nachrichten finden Sie in unserem News-Bereich.

FOR a short time a silence that seemed oppressive followed the fierce turmoil of the last charge of the rebels upon Snodgrass Hill and its repulse. Both sides had exhausted themselves in the awful grapple, and had to regain breath and thought. Then the night was pierced by the agonizing groans of the innumerable wounded, the stern commands of officers to their men to re-form, the calls of scattered men seeking their regiments and companies.Der Kunstverein organisiert jedes Jahr mehrere Ausstellungen mit hochwertiger Kunst unserer Gastknstler (bersicht). Weitere Details zu geplanten, gegenwrtigen und vergangenen Ausstellungen finden Sie auch unter dem Suchbegriff “Ausstellung“.

"Then I'd ruther be on top, where I kin see something. Kin they shoot through the sides o' the tender, and let all the water out and stop the engine?"Der Kunstverein organisiert auch Wettbewerbe, Mitgliederausstellungen, Kunstkurse und viele andere Aktivitten, wobei der Schwerpunkt immer auf qualitativ hochwertiger Kunst und Inhalten liegt. Weitere Details finden Sie in unserem News-Bereich.

"Why we've bin talkin' to the train men, and they said they wuz shot at wunst, about a year ago, from that swamp back there, and we got some catridges from them, and we thought we saw something moving in there, though Jim Humphreys said it wuz only burned stumps that we took for men, and them other boys back there had bin shootin' off their gunn and tryin' 'em, and we thought we could too"Shorty made a violent effort, and summoned enough strength to reach over and touch the Englishman's foot.

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    'Squire Corson had ventured two or three remarks in a judicial and advisory way, but had been ordered by Capt. McGillicuddy to sit down and keep quiet. He took a seat on a stump, pulled a large bandana out of his beaver crowned hat, wiped his bald head, and anxiously surveyed the scene as if looking for an opportunity when the power and dignity of the State of Tennessee might be invoked to advantage.

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